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No Emulators, just REAL Hardware!
This is a game that I had not played before, it was surprisingly intuitive without having seen the manual nor having played it before. Combine that with the fact that it has multiple level screens it is a rare Atari game indeed 🙂
The little bit of jerkiness in the video isn’t the camera, that is actually the game doing it. Generally it happened when there was a “boom” sound effect or something on the screen moved fast. They were really pushing some limits of the Atari base hardware.
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No Emulators, just REAL Hardware!
This game started out slow, but a few levels up was a lot of fun 🙂
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No capture card, no Emulators, just REAL Hardware!

Yep, I know the first part of this video is sort of a downer, but it was something I was thinking of… all the games that are never played once in the hands of a collector. Not every collector is guilty of this, but I know I definitely am. I strongly feel games are meant to be played an enjoyed. These Videos are an account of that life changing journey.