Setup of Optics


Optics Installed
Well, today, in preparation for the first power up of the system, I installed the mirrors and lenses and aligned it using a small 5mw laser.  To align, I poked a hole in a peice of paper, lined up the hole with the output of the small laser, and aligned it down the co2 laser tube.  The mounts were adjusted so that the beam was reflected straight back along the axis of the original beam.  This was done on each end for the rough alignment.

I did make the salt lens easier to mount by JB welding it into a washer.  Hopefully it works :>

salt lens

A rubber gasket is placed between each layer in the lens mounting system.  The High Reflector is a gasket, mirror with gold side inward, gasket, then locked down tight with the retention “bolt”.

Sorry, I know the drawing isnt the best, but should hopefully give an idea of the layout.  The first one is the high reflector, the second one is the Output setup.

layout of optics

The output Optics

output    Output

Next up, the final wiring and setup of the cooling system… and lighting this project up 😀


Copyright © Jessie Tank

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