Realignment of Laser


BROKEN!!!!!  well, not really :>

While I was doing the adjustments to it to make sure things were proper before I went further, I realised a very important fact.  The Mirror mountings were out of alignment by .5mm   …


Ok, this might not sound like much, but in aligning the optics it required an almost 5mm adjustment !!! AND I LOST HALF THE BEAM!!!!   Well, half the bore.  Something must be done to correct this… something drastic….

… there is no solvent for JB Weld….

I inserted a long metal screwdriver into the mirror mount end and gave it a quick jerk….

Glass shattered, JB weld seals broke, even paint came off!

OK, it wasnt that bad, but it did rip the smooth ends of the mirror mounts off like tinfoil!  This would not do, not at all, so using two brass tubes from the hobby store that fit inside each other and again also fit inside the mirror mount, I built up a new electrode end. Then soldered it all, sanded smooth, and was happy.  The new electrode ends are 2mm thick and not going to be torn so easily again.  They should also hold up better to the heat.

Using a VERY straight dowel that also fit just right inside the new and improved mounts I lined it all up.  This time I checked… double checked… and then checked again ALL angles from almost every angle.  The mounts were a bit heavy and caused a TINY bit of sag… hah, tiny bit…. so I propped those up straight as well.  The angles of the gas inlets were also changed as well as the improvements to the actual mounting brackets completed.  Another change that was made was the alignment of the adjustment screws.  They are now MUCH easier to reach with a much fuller range of motion.

Now, the JB weld is drying… the lab smells like hot flux and solder…. and I am waiting on dinner to finish…. yep, it has been a busy night. 🙂

new setup of laser tube close up of mounting and changes

Oh, and I made a change to the original tube assembly page to include the use of a dowl, 87 cents…. worth every penny. Did I mention I checked the alignment again? 😛

realigned laser


Copyright © Jessie Tank

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