CO2 Laser Project

CO2 Laser Build

Goal:  To assemble a working CO2 Laser from a minimum investment
using only tools one can find at your average home improvement store.

Allowable extras will be:

  • optics, This includes a gold mirror and a ZnSe Lens for the output
  • Neon Sign Transformer, it must be non-GFI.  You can often
    get one from a local neon guy out of his scrap bin for free if you ask
    nicely… and bring cookies.
  • Glass tubing,  also from the neon guy.
    I used 12mm ID…. bring more cookies, especially oatmeal raisin,
    everyone brings chocolate chip… surprise him 😀
  • Another item that is nice, but not required is a variac to control the output voltage of the neon transformer
  • Helium, get this from walmart as it is used for party balloons.
  • Nitrogen and CO2 can either be obtained from the air we breath, OR if you wish, a welding supply store.

Construction of various Parts:  If you plan on building
this, read the ENTIRE thing first as I may have made design changes or
redone things along the way as I discovered new or better methods or
corrected errors.

PVC Cooling Jacket

Mirror Mounts

Assembling the Laser Tube

Realignment of Laser

NaCl Window and Mirror – DIY OC



Copyright © Jessie Tank

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