6 – Creating a Mr Gimmick Reproduction Cartridge – start to finish

Posted: April 15, 2013 in Games, Projects
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Today I felt like playing a game that was never released “Mr Gimmick!”.   Who wants to wait for another person to make a reproduction and ship it…. when you can just do it yourself! 😀 Also If you want to see me play it for the first time badly, skip to 10 minutes in.

I did speed up the boring parts, but left them in so that you could see what creating a reproduction cartridge actually entails. This was the first time I have tried making a reproduction cartridge and the total real world time was about an hour 😀

For the CHR eprom I used a 27c1001 128k
For the PRG eprom I used a 27c020 256k
The game sacrificed was Batman Return of the Joker by sunsoft as it is the only released North American game that used the FME-7

To split up the PRG and CHR files from the original NTSC version of the rom I used a program called TNINES under dosbox.

The NES I used is modded for full true stereo audio and proper composite output, sadly my camera simply cannot pick up the wonderful audio I was hearing 😦 I also still need a bit of practice with recording 😛 I will get better! I promise! 😀

Thanks for watching! 🙂

  1. Mitch says:

    Since you’re using a US NES and not a Famicom, do you get the additional audio channels from the FME-7, or are you hearing the music as if it were the European release (with the inferior sound)?

    I’m curious since the sound in the video does not sound as good as the Famicom version, and I’m thinking about making my own repro with full quality sound.

    Example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aU0GEcU63qw

    • Hi there.

      The version I made the reproduction of is the North American NTSC prototype. As such, the North American NES lacks the audio hardware that the famicom had. Most prototypes reproductions that are created lack the background sounds, such as when you jump or create the star, mine has those sounds. That being said, I think it sounds Amazing ! 🙂

      The link you posted is indeed the Famicom version, with a healthy dose of what sounds like reverb and maybe a bit of chorus added. That being said, my advice is to make the cartridge you actually want. If you have your heart set on making a famicom version with the full famicom audio, including the yamaha synth chip then do that. Nothing else will do or satisfy you 🙂

      In the years that I have been creating, hacking, modding, etc I have learned one thing. If you have an image in your mind, an idea of the outcome, do that. Even if it doesn’t work, doing something else or something that is “close enough” will not satisfy you enough to put a little piece of your soul into it and create something truly great. What we do is like the art of the sculptor. Our clay or marble may be different, but the concept is the same.

      Happy Modding 🙂

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