Some more thoughts on the NEO GEO X

Posted: December 29, 2012 in Games, Information
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After spending some time with it, the handheld itself is ok, and I do like how it says SNK on it. Overall however, there is just something about it, that feels cheaply made. It is acceptable for what it is, an emulation system. I expect that it will be modded soon to allow the use of other emulators. The screen reminds me of my old PSP 1000, which I used to play a lot of emulation on until I sold it.The Joystick on the other hand, that just felt REALLY cheap to me.While playing games on the handheld, I did not notice tearing and everything was acceptable. The buttons seemed responsive and the joystick itself took a bit of getting used too. All these years of analog sticks and standard D-Pads have spoiled me :>

Using the game through the base station, HDMI looked ok AFTER I turned off all up scaling and put my HDTV into game mode. Through the HDMI the audio was acceptable. If I did not put the tv into game mode I would get extreme video tearing.

There is a 8 second lag time from power on to the time you see a NEO GEO logo. I assume this is due to the linux OS booting up. After that, you are greeted with a very functional but plain menu. The first time I put it into the docking station and turned it on, I thought it was a non-functional unit due to this lag time. I am very used to consoles at least throwing up a splash screen on power on to let you know they are in fact on.

The base station has NO indicator light to let you know it is on, which would have been nice. Also, I feel like I am going to break the base station or the jacks on the handheld with the force that is required to dock.

Was the purchase worth it? 200 dollars…. that’s a tough one. I love the NeoGeo games and I would not have purchased this if not for that name. The Limited edition box is nice enough, but I do not buy things for the box…. and there is also a typo on the box, which is typical for many of these “clone” systems coming out of china. In retrospect I will probably keep it simply because shipping something back from Alaska is a pita. Would I buy it again? No, I would rather take that 200 dollars and a few friends and go out for a nice dinner and form a better memory than this console has left me with.


  1. Chad Tindle says:

    Great review, I was really looking forward to this thing but your review is in line with what other folks are saying, not worth it. On the upside, because it has the SNK logo on it, it might be worth double in a couple years 😉

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