Where to go next

Posted: December 26, 2012 in Information

I was contemplating last night what my next video should be… should I stay with electronics, should I do a quick game review on some of the rarer games that I own?  Should I show off some of my works in progress…  the MidiBox SID ? The next version of my home brew gas laser ?  I could do an instructional video on something,  like repairing a charging circuit in a laptop?  … nah, not the laptop, that sounds an awful lot like my day job and very very dry material.:P

This has been a really odd holiday season, both good and bad.  I lost a friend to a severe accident involving electrical wiring, a ladder, and a staircase.  That does put a major shadow over the whole season.  I will miss him.

I will figure out what I want to do soon.




  1. Chad Tindle says:

    How about a quick review on one of your favorite games from your childhood and any stories you can remember surrounding it? Happy console gamer does similar commentaries on games from his past but it would be great to hear a female perspective!

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