NeoGeo X Gold – First Impressions

Posted: December 22, 2012 in Games, Information

Well, I got my new neogeo X gold and I have to say, the handheld itself is great 🙂 The joystick on the handheld is even “clicky”.

The Docking station itself is neat, it lets you, using composite or HDMI out, hookup to the TV and use a usb controller. It opens in a clamshell style and you place the handheld inside it to charge. They really need to include a simple stand alone charger instead of the docking station.

The arcade stick to use with the docking station however feels cheap.  Really Cheap.  They claim that it is built identical to the original neogeo AES joystick, and even though it is close, it is not the same.  My Sega genesis fight stick or my nintendo NES advantage weigh more (almost double) and actually feel MUCH better made, and there is absolutely NO comparison to something like my X-arcade or even the arcade cabinet.

I noticed there is also a typo on the box 🙂  They say that it outputs component and HDMI, when in fact it is COMPOSITE and HDMI.

I did not notice any tearing with the video when just using the handheld,  it is currently charging up a bit so I can give it a more thorough examination.  Others who purchased this bundle did note video tearing on their HDTV sets, I am wondering if this is due to their built in upscalers.    Also, the games do NOT keep your high score and there is no way to save a game 😦   I hope they fix this with an update to the system firmware soon.

For all its faults … you just have to remember one thing …. Metal Slug 😛

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