NES top loader mod on CRT

Posted: November 23, 2012 in Games

This is a quick snapshot of my LCD, when I posted the NES top loader mod video someone was concerned that the image was not bright enough or had dimmed after the mod.  Taking  a picture of a brightly lit screen is a bit difficult, but here it is… at least as close to it as I can get to what I am seeing in person!

I performed the NES mod on a friends console as well, this is how it looks on his CRT.  His camera did not like his CRT so I apologize for the blurry photo but you can definitely see how bright the image is. He says it is MUCH sharper in person.

NES top loader mod on CRT

As you can see, there is no issue with brightness 🙂   Both pictures in person are bright and very sharp 🙂


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