3 – RetroGameGirl gets a nintendo :D … and Mods it!

Posted: November 23, 2012 in Games, Projects

I got my first Nintendo since I was like 12!  Finally something new to play games on!

But… it just wasn’t to my liking on my HDTV, especially when compared to my other consoles and 8 bit systems that output RGB.  Sorry for the length of the video, and I know it may be a dull topic but I figured since I was doing the mod anyway… why not make a video out of it!

The result is a Nintendo with the best all around capabilities.  It has no jailbars or banding, the resolution and such look great on my LCD TV and you also get the reliability of a top loader with a much smaller footprint than the front loader.  There is also no NES lockout chip in these systems so that is also a plus ! 😀

I know the final result video is a bit darker, in person this is not the case 😀  My camera was set to manual to get the most true image on the first one, half way through (hot glue area) the battery went dead and it lost those settings.  I didn’t think to reset it up for the final video,  the auto adjust made the image darker.  I will be sure to get a video review up soon to show off the results better! 😀

Thanks for watching!

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