Svideo test for Sega Genesis model 2

Posted: October 27, 2012 in Games, Projects

Best seen in 480p, this is a test of the svideo mod on a sega genesis model 2 with the cx1145 video encoder.  The luma was amplified with a 2n3903 transistor and a 0-50ohm variable resistor (set at 27ohms for this video).  The chroma was connected using a 220uf capacitor and a 75ohm resistor.  The lines on the bottom of the screen are caused by the capture card used and are not seen when this is displayed on the tv.

Modifications to this particular machine are:

  • 7.67Mhz standard clock/overclock 10Mhz switch
  • S-Video/composite/stereo audio out ports on the back of the unit
  • PAL/NTSC select switch  Japanese/English region switch

If you would like more information on this great modification, please check out

His videos are top notch and to the point!

Thanks 🙂

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